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Human Hair Toppers

Add Volume for Thinning Hair

ExtensionsOfGold® Human Hair Toppers

Some female have fine, thinning hair or partial hair loss in certain areas. If you need extra coverage but still have some of your own hair, wigs is not the first option. At ExtensionsOfGold, we offer a great solution. Our specially designed 100% natural human hair toppers and partial hairpieces are perfect to add volume, length, or fullness seamlessly to your existing hair. They are lightweight, easy to attach, perfect for covering the thinning hair area.

Large Volume Human Hair Toppers

7x8", 8x9", 9x9" Toppers for Advanced Thinning Crown

Mid Volume Human Hair Toppers

5x5", 5x6", 6x6" Toppers for Moderate Thinning Crown

Light Volume Human Hair Toppers

2.5x3", 3x5" Toppers for Minimal Thinning Root Coverage

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