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Hair Toppers & Pieces

Add Volume for Thinning Hair

ExtensionsOfGold® Toppers & Pieces

Some female have fine, thinning hair or partial hair loss in certain areas. If you need extra coverage but still have some of your own hair, wigs is not the first option. At ExtensionsOfGold, we offer a great solution. Our specially designed 100% natural human hair toppers and partial hairpieces are perfect to add volume, length, or fullness seamlessly to your existing hair. They are lightweight, easy to attach, perfect for covering the thinning hair area.

  • Premium REMY human hair provide a soft, healthy and natural look.
  • Full HAND TIED base, extremely comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Professional CUSTOMIZATION according to customer requirements.

Large Volume Hair Toppers

7x8" 8x9", 9x10", 10x11" Toppers for Advanced Thinning Hair

ExtensionsOfGold® large volume full coverage hair toppers are designed to provide maximum coverage from the front to the back of the head. Unlike full head wigs, the large base toppers are lightweight and easy to attach.

Mid Volume Hair Toppers

4x5", 5x6", 6x7" Toppers for Moderate Thinning Hair

ExtensionsOfGold® mid volume crown coverage hair toppers are designed to provide ample volume in the thinning crown or easily cover any thinning on the top of the head as well as in the crown and the front of the head.

Light Volume Hair Toppers

2.75x5", 3x5" Toppers for Minimal Thinning Hair

ExtensionsOfGold® light volume root coverage hair toppers are perfect solutions for women with medium to long hair that just want to add a little extra volume on the top, or with suffering from minimal hair loss right at the roots.

Partial Volume Hairpieces

Clip In Bangs & Fringes for Partial Coverage

ExtensionsOfGold® partial volume mini hairpieces are speical designed to add the right amount of volume & length for women who have partial bald spot hair, or want to change hairstyle without permanently cutting natural hair.

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