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ExtensionsOfGold Hair Fashion Launch Party

August 3, 2018

2018 ExtensionsOfGold Launch Party & Hair Fashion Show is end in a satisfactory way, who came and who is the most shinning star? Let us come and check it out!

ExtensionsOfGold launch party is the first event after ExtensionsOfGold brand's founding, the site is Lemon Tree center, Mrs Ameisha is the person in charge, which is also partner of ExtensionsOfGold, when is asked why hold this event in Lemon Tree, ameisha said: I love ExtensionsOfGold, i love beauty, i found my dreamy hair with ExtensionsOfGold.

Ameisha is chatting with other guests, which topic is refering? Of course #ExtensionsOfGold hair#

When party guests chatting and enjoying savoury buffet in sale, ExtensionsOfGold models is preparing the apperance later in room, these sweet hearts will show the newest ExtensionsOfGold hair products and accept guest's comment.

Miss Carina  -- ExtensionOfGold special model, she is preparing for the shows 20 minutes later, and she is wearing 18 inches #3 clip in hair extensions.

It's show time now!!!!ExtensionsOfGold models make a brilliant apperance.

Lolisa is wearing #30 wavy 18 inches tape in hair extensions, vintage and sweat summer look, right?

It's a visual feast absolutely, right!!! Do you want have dream beautiful hair same as these models? Do you want to know more secrets about #eog hair#, come on, you will find the answers by next blog.

ExtensionsOfGold Hair

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