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New Arrival - 8x9“ Silk Top Lining Wefted Topper Customized Rooted Warm Brown Balayage 18" European Human Hair Topper For Women [B041303]

January 17, 2020

ExtensionsOfGold® 8x9“ Silk Top Lining Wefted Topper Customized Rooted Warm Brown Balayage 18" European Human Hair Toppers For Women with Thinning Crown

Brand: ExtensionsOfGold® Hair
Item Number: B041303
Collection: Clip In Toppers
Hair Type: European Human Hair
Color Shown: 4FS22, 4RN
Length: 18" Overall
Density: Medium 120%
Texture: Air Dries Straight
Cap: 8x9" Lining Wefted with 4x4" Silk Top
App. Method: Ready-to-wear, Pre-styled
Durability: Up to 1-2 years

Accept custom made in terms of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

Shop at: https://www.extensionsofgold.com/products/large-volume-full-coverage-human-hair-topper-b041303-lp3.html

This ExtensionsOfGold® human hair topper is made of premium remy human hair with 8x9" base for ample coverage. The hand-tied 4x4" silk top for a natural hairline and a free parting, which creates the look of natural hair growth. 100% remy human hair can be styled with heat tools. Silk lining that covers wefts on the machine back to provide extra comfort especially for those with sensitive scalps. Weft hair gives the hair volume at the crown and create desired natural layered look.

Easy beauty is every woman’s dream.
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