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Machine Weft Clip In Extensions 100% Remy Human Hair 120 Grams 7 Pieces #18 Dirty Blonde

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  • Default(Shown)
  • #1 Jet Black - -$5
  • #1B Off Black - -$5
  • #2 Dark Brown - -$5
  • #3 Mocha Brown - -$5
  • #4 Chocolate Brown - -$5
  • #6 Chestnut Brown - -$5
  • #8 Honey Bown - -$5
  • #9 Ash Brown - -$5
  • #10 Light Brown - -$5
  • #30 Caramel Brown - -$5
  • #33 Auburn Brown - -$5
  • #12 Caramel Blonde
  • #14 Amber Blonde
  • #16 Light Blonde
  • #18 Dirty Blonde
  • #22 Golden Blonde
  • #24 Honey Blonde
  • #27 Strawberry Blonde
  • #60 Ash Blonde
  • #613 Bleach Blonde
  • #99J Burgndy - -$5

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Normally need 7-15 business days processing before delivery.

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Thanks for your time and EOG(ExtensionsOfGold) Hair wish every customer a wonderful day starts with beautiful hair!

Machine Weft Clip In Extensions

Clip-in Hair Eextensions are a simple diy hair extensions that anyone can do. It easy to make your hair look longer and thicker hair in a snap. Unlike permanent extensions, clip-in extensions can be removed and stored within minutes. Our 100% human hair clip in extensions are silky soft, last longer, can be ironed. Use Clip In Extension to add volume, length and highlights, no need salon, you can also creat a better self !

Machine Sewn Weft Clip In Extensions - the hair is sewn together by machine to create a tracking effect and the clips are sewn on after. Machine weft hair is the most common weft hair to use, especially for clip in hair extensions. It allows the hair to be sewn together, facing the same direction, and can create the most natural-looking results with your hair extensions. It’s also the highest quality of wefts and the most versatile, as you can trim and style the hair to blend in with your natural locks, without tampering the condition of the wefts.


  • 1Made Of 100% Indian Remy Human Hair
  • 2Professional Machine Sewn Weft
  • 3Color Matched Clips With Soft Silicone Sleeve
  • 4Ideal For Add Volume, Length or Highlight
  • 5Comfortable To Wear And Won't Damage Your Own Hair

We Offer Four Types Of Package

(1) 120g/7pcs Half Head Set Include:
1x8"(4clips), 2x6"(3clips), 2x4"(2clips), 2x2"(1clip)

(2) 160g/8pcs Full Head Set Include:
1x9"(4clips), 2x8"(4clips), 3x6"(2clips), 4x2"(1clip)

(3) 200g/10pc Full Head Set Include:
1x9"(4clips), 2x8"(4clips), 3x6"(2clips), 4x2"(1clip)

(4) 220g/10pc Full Head Set Include:
1x9"(4clips), 2x8"(4clips), 3x6"(2clips), 4x2"(1clip)

Kind Note

Processing Time: Normally 7-15 Business Days
Shipping Time: Normally 3-7 Business Days
Receiving Time: Processing Time+Shipping Time

More Questions? Email us at info@extensionsofgold.com



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Wigs Cap Size Guide

Wigs Size Circumference Front to nape Ear to ear foreheard Ear to ear over top head Temple to temple round back Nape of neck
inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Small/Average 21.5" 13.5" 11" 12" 15.5" 5"
Medium 22.5" 14.5" 11.5" 12.5" 14.5" 5.5"
Large 23.5" 15.5" 12" 13.5" 14" 6"

Hair Color Guide

Getting the exact colors that you want is important. Whether you need to match your own hair or go for a specific style that you desire, wrong color will just totally ruin it.

We has a variety of colours to suit the look you want to achieve. Now, with our color chart, you can familiarize yourself with all the colors that we offer. Choose your wigs, hair extensions and/or your hair pieces with confidence.

If you not sure of your color, you can send us a picture of your hair, we will advise you on which shade would suit you best. (Please go outside, and take several pictures in natural light).

Order a color chart to find your perfect match!

Please Note: Not all colours available in all products. Please check the product description of the item you are interested in for list of colours available for that product.

If you not sure of your color, you can send us a picture of your hair, we will advise you on which shade would suit you best. (Please go outside, and take several pictures in natural light).

  • Jet Black (#1)

  • Off Black (#1B)

  • Natural Black

  • Dark Brown (#2)

  • Chocolate Brown (#3)

  • Medium Brown (#4)

  • Chestnut Brown (#6)

  • Ash Brown (#9)

  • Dirty Blonde (#18)

  • Golden Blonde (#22)

  • Strawberry Blonde (#27)

  • Auburn Brown (#33)

  • Ash Blonde (#60)

  • Platinum Blonde (#613)

  • White

  • Silver Grey

  • Piano Medium Brown (#4) with Honey Blonde (#24-40%)


  • Piano Chocolate Brown (#3) with Light Brown (#10-40%)


  • Dark Brown (#2) Hightlight Jet Black(#1) and Caramel Brown (#30)


  • Medium Brown (#4) Hightlight Chocolate Brown(#3) and Light Brown (#10)


  • Golden Blonde (#22) Hightlight Medium Brown (#4)


  • Piano Light Brown (#10) with Honey Blonde (#25)


  • Piano Golden Blonde (#22) with Platinum Blonde (#613)


Hair Length Guide

  • 12" - 14"
  • 16" - 18"
  • 20" - 22"
  • 24" - 26"

The lengths we can available:

12 - 14 inch: Short hair.

16 - 18 inch: Mid-length hair.

20 - 22 inch: Versatile length and most popular.

24 - 26 inch: Super-long hair, below the waist.

Since all of our hair is single-drawn Remy hair (ends are left natural), your hair may include an extra 1 to 2 inches extra. This allows you to trim the ends without unnecessarily paying for extra length. Or leave them beautifully natural like most of our customers, the choice is yours.

IMPORTANT: Our wavy and curly hair is measured when pulled straight.

Wigs/Toppers Density Guide

Density is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be. The standard density is 120% which is Medium Density.

However, your choice will depend on your styling preferences and individual profile. Most women achieve a natural appearance with medium density.

Our stock full lace wigs and lace front wigs default to 120% density and we can add extra hairs to 150% and 180% density in 3-4 working days.

Hair Extensions Thickness Guide

  • Fine: 120 grams For thin hair.
  • Medium: 160 grams For regular hair.
  • Thick: 220 grams For thick/short hair.

We offers three different weights: 120g, 160g and 220g. The thickness differentiation in each set does not refer to how thick each individual strand is, but rather, how much hair is attached to each weft. The higher the grams, the more hair there is in each set.

120g sets are specifically designed for those who have fine and thin hair. If you don’t have a lot of hair naturally but want to add some length and volume, this set would be an appropriate choice.

160g sets are our most popular sets, which are ideal for those who have regular, medium thickness hair and are looking to add length and natural looking volume to their hair.

220g sets are the thickest sets we offer and are designed for those who already have naturally thick hair and want length or those who have medium thickness hair but want a more dramatic voluminous effect. Oftentimes it are meant to add more length rather than thickness.

Toppers or Pieces Base Guide

Shipping & Delivery

Transportation Time Only
US Ground 4-7 business days $8.95(Free with your purchase over $99)
US Air 2-3 business days $18.89
US Express 1-2 business days $28.89
International 6-12 business day $29.89

At ExtensionsOfGold.com, our experienced artisans work hard to ensure every order is of the highest quality. In-stock products will be shipped out immediately once they are processed. However, styles in high demand and custom orders may need additional production time.

In stock items typically ship within 1-2 business days.
Custom orders production time within 15-30 business days.

Please Note:

1. We can ship to any P.O boxes and APO/FPO address .but it takes more than 7-10 working days, very slow. So we suggest you provide a physical address.

2. We ship all items stamped as "Gift" or "Sample" and written of low product value, so most customers can't be charged a custom fee by your local Customs government. But sometimes several countries such as Canada, Germany, South Africa, Brazil would charge some taxes which are not avoided .We will submit all documents to help you go through the Customs.

3. We make the utmost effort to get orders delivered on time as promised. However, we cannot provide shipping refunds in the case of national crises, holidays, natural disasters, carrier delays or other circumstances where the delay is beyond our control.

4. If inaccurate or incomplete addresses are provided, or if there are unverified details with your order, it may delay processing by an additional 1-2 business days. So we encourage all customers to perfect all information as detailed as possible to ensure any possible delays are avoided.

Package Tracking:

When your product has been shipped, a notification will be sent to the email address you provided. The tracking number will be attached in the email.

We share a strategic cooperation relationship with the world's popular express company UPS, Fedex and DHL. You can track your package on the website:

UPS: http://www.ups.com/
Fedex: http://www.fedex.com/
DHL: l.co://www.dhl.com

FAQ: What Is Delivery Estimates?

Delivery Estimates are based on two factors: order processing time and time in transit. In Stock items will be shipped once the item is located, your payment is approved, and the receiving address is verified. For most orders, this process begins once your online order has been submitted.

Please contact us at service@extensionsofgold.com should you have any questions.


Hair Suitability And Care

  • What is remy human hair?

    Remy human hair is the highest grade of real, human hair, which is a preferred choice for hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs because it achieves the most natural look and can be styled and washed just like your own hair.

    Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

  • Can I color, tone or bleach this hair?

    If you plan on coloring, we advise starting with a lighter shade and coloring the hair darker to achieve your desired shade and better maintain the integrity of your hair extensions. We always recommend consulting with a professional hair colorist, who has previous experience working with hair extensions. It is best to trust the coloring, toning, or blending in their experienced hands. We also advise testing on a portion of the hair extensions prior to coloring or toning the entire hair extensions just to ensure the desired results.

    Since ExtensionsOfGold hair products are 100% Remy Human Hair, they are able to be colored to your desired shade just like natural hair. However, we strongly do not recommend coloring the hair extensions lighter, as the hair has already undergone color processing and bleaching the hair to achieve a lighter shade is a very harsh chemical process. This can damage the quality of your hair extensions, and result in more tangling and matting due to severe damage to the hair cuticles.

  • How long will this hair last?

    ExtensionsOfGold hair products can last on average up to months, with an option to move the extensions up every 3-4 months, and re-use the hair for up to a year.

  • How do I wash this hair, and how often should I wash them?

    ExtensionsOfGold all hair products are made with 100% remy human hair, which means they can be washed and styled just like your own natural hair. Since our hair products do not receive natural oils from the scalp like natural hair does, however, they do not need to be washed as often, as they will not get oily or greasy like natural hair.

    We recommend to only wash your ExtensionsOfGold hair every 15-20 wears or only when there is a lot of product build-up to the point where they become unmanageable to style.

Order Changes And Requests

  • I placed an order and want to change it. How can I do that?

    Please contact service@extensionsofgold.com immediately with your order number and the set you'd like to change to. Although we cannot guarantee that we'll catch your order in time before it enters processing, we will try our absolute best to make the requested changes.

    Kindly note that once an order enters processing at our warehouse, we no longer have the ability to make any changes to it.

Payment And Pricing

  • Do I have to pay for the shipping of my return?

    Yes, all customers are responsible for their own return shipping costs. We recommend that you send your return with a tracking option, because we will not be responsible for lost returns.

Return And Exchange Policy

  • May I return my products without contacting you?

    You must contact us prior to sending your return, please note that refunds for merchandise returned without contacting us cannot be guaranteed.

  • Will you refund my shipping costs?

    No. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

  • What is the return period?

    We will provide a refund on unopened hair products within 15 days from the delivered date. We will not honor refunds after 15 days.

Return & Exchange

Your satisfaction is our goal. We accept returns on all eligible products. Please see our Return Policy below for our eligible product standards.

A refund will not be issued if the hair has been tampered with in any way (hair or lace cut, colored, worn, etc). Altered packaging/product, worn, or damaged items are not eligible for return. Please understand that this is for hygienic reasons and here at ExtensionsOfGold.com, we take the safety and well being of our clients very seriously.

All Returns or Exchangs must meet the following conditions:

*Must be within 15 days from the delivered date.
*Must be in all of its original packaging & not be removed from the from the packaging.
*Hair has not been installed, colored, cut, worn or altered.
*If an item has lace, the lace must remain intact and cannot be cut.
*Custom-made items cannot be returned or refunded.
*Promotional and free items are non-returnable by themselves.

Refunds will be processed within 3 to 5 business days from receiving your return. Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item.

Typically, financial institutions will process within 3 to 9 business days. Please note your bank may have a delay in processing your credit back to your account. If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again, then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at service@extensionsofgold.com

Please Note:

Before shipping back, please email us service@extensionsofgold.com to get our return address. We have every right to refuse for the package if you send it back without our permission.Thanks for your cooperation.

Please write "10$" value and " sample of synthetic hair wigs" on courier sheet in order to avoid customs tax (if high value , You need pay the extra customs tax)

Any returns for buyer issues can’t get a full refund. $30 will be deducted as the shipping fees we paid express company.

Wholesale Inquiry

We are premier hair supplier also manufacturer, our high-quality products are the preferred choice for the World top salons. Being hair industry for more than 15 years, we has developed healthy relations with thousands of salons, hairdressing studio, or beauty bars. So if you are a hair retailer always worry about unsatisfactory income and profits, or a salon owner who want find a reliable hair factory with lower price for attracting more returned clients. Then ExtensionsOfGold is a perfect choice for your business.

ExtensionsOfGold.com provide the best quality human hair wig, hair extensions, hair pieces and toppers, wholesale available for salons and retailers! Please email us to service@extensionsofgold.com for more information.

Why Choose ExtensionsOfGold?


You always notice the ‘100% virgin human hair’ when you buy or purchase hair products in Amazon, Alibaba or other sites, but always disappointed after receiving or after more and more clients no longer patronize your salon.

Actually, for attractive selling price and higher profits, many hair manufacturers mix synthetic even animal hair into human hair. But, we, ExtensionsOfGold promise, we will never sell and offer hair products with non-100% virgin human hair. There are no synthetic or animal hairs in all our hair products, only real human hair which hasn’t been over-processed, which will have a long lifespan and gorgeous look. We provide the best products, the only thing that you need to be done is selling.


What your need, what we should do. So we not only sell stocks, but also your custom order, and no additional cost or hidden cost. So you can place an order in any color, texture, length, even density. Please feel free to check the firm below which includes all types of hair products ExtensionsOfGold can do for you.


If you are a salon owner or manager of private beauty bar, we can be shipped unbranded or with your own branding.