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Brand Story

ExtensionsOfGold® is the premier provider of 100% human hair wigs, hair wefts, clip in wefts, tape in wefts, pre-tipped hair, and hair pieces. Inspired by the strength of a woman, ExtensionsOfGold is derived from the elegance of timeless beauties throughout history. Our Founders successfully created a brand that embodies the modern woman.

Courageously, women have mastered the balancing act of managing work, home and family life while keeping beauty at the top of mind. The #EOG Woman is confident, self-aware, successful and can have it all while looking her best.

Our collections offer 100% cuticle intact, soft, shed and tangle free hair. ExtensionsOfGold allows countless ways to transform your look in an instant to achieve discreet, long, and luxurious locks. Whether you are looking to add volume, length, or thickness, we have successfully provided you with various options to create the perfect look. ExtensionsOfGold’s hair extensions look natural, lightweight, and blend seamlessly with your own hair. Highlighting our advanced custom range of vibrant colors, you can now match your natural hue with ease. With a healthy hair care routine your hair will last at over a year; allowing multiple uses.

ExtensionsOfGold grants you exclusive access to quality hair extensions that are designed to last. Embrace your inner Hollywood starlet by installing our superior quality extensions that will be sure to give you instant glam and shine.

As we embark on 30 years of expertise as global leaders in the hair industry, we look to the modern woman as our muse to uplift and share the love of beauty. Our customers are our top priority and we are thoroughly committed to providing high quality products and exceptional customer service.